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The broadcast of video lessons in a bid to replace the regular classes started at the beginning of the previous academic year when schools were shut down owing to the lock down last March As distribution of textbooks begins in government and aided schools, the School Education Department has issued a detailed schedule of lessons to be telecast on Kalvi TV for students in Classes 1-12.
While the Chief Educational Officers have been asked to instruct schools to ensure that students watch and learn from programmes on Kalvi TV, schools have also been asked to find out about concerns regarding access to a TV or smartphone that their students might have The School Education Commissioner, in a recent circular, asked schools to find out how many students had a television and access to Kalvi TV, in particular. Further, teachers have been asked to design an alternate teaching plan for students who do not have access to Kalvi TV or electronic devices and internet access. Since a comprehensive schedule of programmes is in place, heads of schools and teachers have been asked to familiarize themselves with the broadcast timings concerning their lessons.
Topic -Class 4 | வகுப்பு 4 | கணிதம் | பெருக்கல், வகுத்தல் | அலகு 3 | பகுதி 1 | பருவம் 1 | KalviTv
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4th Standard Mathematics

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