Zeal study shares lesson plan for every week which will be very helpful for the Teachers to write the notes of lesson in the proper time and also it helps that teachers to plan their classroom activities like motivation concept explanation reinforcement activities evaluation tools and evaluation activities and remedial teaching methodology and also the homework so the model lesson plan will give a clear idea to the so the model lesson plan will give a clear idea to the teacher. This lesson plan will definitely help them to save their time for planning the activities and also we regularly follow the syllabus prescribed by our educational department so it is easy for the teacher to write notes of lesson suitable syllabus according to the requirements
Zealstudy.me is an educational website which the teacher as well as the students Providing study materials for each classes for all All subjects we are preparing study materials for all units and also we provide unit wise slip test question papers and also the answer keys which will be very helpful for the Teachers to conduct the test and evaluate the students with us and also the students also get Mastery over the content in our website we are providing a few worksheets and summative assessment question papers and also for 9th and 10th standard midterm and half yearly quarterly and revision question papers 
we are providing the consolidated list of old question papers conducted in the past years and also we provide study materials for the competitive examinations like NMMS ,NTSE ,TRUST like this so following our website it is easy for the Teachers to guide the children according to the earth needs and also this website provides good help to the students those who are in need of them self learning materials Hope our website will satisfy everything that you need kindly visit often to get more materials to get our latest updates stay tuned with us.

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