Zeal study regularly shares the lesson plan for all classes every week which will be helpful for the teachers to write the lesson plan correctly. this lesson plan is a model one a good teacher can modify according to his/her need. 

A good lesson plan reflects the quality of a teacher and the whole activities a teacher follows in his classroom activities. the model lesson plan is given here definitely fulfills the needs of the teacher and the activities a teacher can use in his teaching-learning process. 

2nd std Tamil lesson plan pdf

Zeal study is a website where you can get all the study materials for the academic year like fa b worksheets, as model question papers, games for children stories for your children, etc thus a teacher can get all the materials he wants to use in his classroom

This website is specially designed for students from 1 std to 5th std here you can get all the study materials related to classroom teaching and learning activities Hope it is useful.

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