Ganga guide prepared and shared this wonderful material for the sake of TN Teachers and students.

Zeal study appreciates their good work and thank them for sharing this .In Tamilnadu our Government follows SABL and SALM for the primary classes,This is one of the features of the Simplified Activity-Based Learning (SABL) method for students of classes 1 to 3, and the Simplified Active Learning Methodology (SALM) for students of class 4&5, the two innovative child-centric teaching-learning methodologies that were introduced in Tamilnadu “In SABL, which is based on a ladder system, the ability of the child in classes 1 to 3 to grasp the lessons is assessed, and based on the assessment, the child is placed in one of the six groups corresponding to pre-determined learning levels”, The ladder system comprises a plethora of cards containing pictorial images corresponding to the facts which they previously learnt from books. A number is given to each card. The child is assessed with the help of the teacher and the cards. Based on his/her understanding, the child is allotted certain cards.

In SALM, the student is taught through books. They are asked to write the concepts which they learnt through books.
4th std Fa b workbook
In both the methods, the children are assessed through the continuous comprehensive evaluation method. They are allotted 40 marks for the initial evaluation method (10 marks each for four activities), and 60 marks for the written examination at the end of the evaluation.
The methods are followed for all the five subjects, i.e., Tamil, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science. The slow learners are identified through these methods and their learning levels are boosted through special attention, she said, adding, that these learning methodologies have improved the reading skills of the children.

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