Zeal study shares you a large collection of worksheets and question paper collection .We think it is very useful to you.so use it and share with your friends too.
Samacheer Kalvi Book 10th standard Study materials with questions and answers uploaded and available below. Class 10th Study materials available for both English and Tamil medium. English, Tamil, Maths, Science and Social Science important notes available in PDF format.
10th study material English medium and Tamil medium short notes are given below. Check English, Tamil, Science, Social Science(Physics, Chemistry and Biology), See below for the 10th study material .Study materials and teaching materials are two different things.
One uses study materials to study, whereas teaching materials are used to teach.As for the choice between "study", "teaching" and "education" per definition you should decide what is the purpose of the material, i.e. what activity would be performed using it - the name of the activity should precede either material or materials (whichever you chose).
From your example it is clear that this material is for students, not teachers. So, even though it might be argued that one student is teaching the other using this material, or that the material servers an educational purpose, the end goal of posting the material is for students to use it for studying. I agree with Ahmed on this; study material(s) would be my choice as well.
The present invention can improve concentration and increase the power of memory due to a rosemary oil effect when a user reads a book or studies with study materials or writes on a notebook by adding rosemary oil during the steps of producing paper in order to include the rosemary oil in the produced paper such that the rosemary oil can be contained in a book, study materials, or a notebook and the like which are made of paper, and thus the invention enables students to concentrate on studying and can induce a comfortable feeling when reading a book or the like by preventing volatile odors or the like through a bad odor elimination effect of rosemary.means materials prepared for use in teaching, fixed or unfixed, in any form, including, but not limited to, digital, print, audio, visual, or any combination thereof.

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